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36-01-03 Sade and Her Best Friend Are on the Outs

Sade is mad at Ruthie Stembottom because Ruthie somehow insulted her.  Sade has been waiting all day for Ruthie to call and apologize but that hasn't happened.

Vic comes home because his boss and he are taking a walk (in the bitter cold) down to the courthouse to get some paper attended to.  He's come home to get his briefcase but Sade sees an opportunity for Vic to call Ruthie.

Vic is in a hurry and of course wants nothing to do with Sade's frivolous problem.  But Sade persists (she is the boss) and so he makes the call.

Sade realizes this is the wrong approach and before Ruthie can answer the phone, she has Vic hang up.

Vic reminds her that he's in a hurry and tries to go.  The phone rings.  Sade thinks it's Ruthie.  She has Vic answer the phone - but not right away.  She has him go through shenanigans to make it appear that Sade is upstairs.  He finally answers the telephone - he hollers "upstairs" for Sade.  Sade finally comes to the phone and she finds out it's only Mis' Croucher, husband of Mr. Croucher at the grocery store, who is looking for the delivery boy.

Vic reminds Sade that his boss is waiting outside in the cold.  He's got to go.  But when the telephone rings again, Sade makes him go through the same thing as the last time the phone rang.

He gives her the phone and she finds out it's Rush telling her he won't be coming home for lunch.

She is mad at Vic but she can't find him to yell at him - he's left the house to meet up with Mr. Ruebush.

Sade and Ruthie play their games.  At times, they are like silly, little girls.

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