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39-12-06 Watching Neighbors Walk on the Ice

Some dialogue:

RUSH: Ever hear the great myth about the fella that blew on his hands?


RUSH: An old couple that lived in the country was sittin' home one winter night and there was a knock on the door.  Turned out to be a stranger they had never seen.  He came inside and started to blow on his hands. The old couple said, "Why are you blowing your breath onto your hands?"  He said, "To warm them."  They'd never heard of that before.  But they said, "Here, have a bowl of soup."  The stranger took a spoonful of soup and began to blow on it.  The old couple said, "What's the idea of that?"  The stranger said, "The soup's too hot, I'm cooling it off a little." [chuckles]  And then they threw him out in the snow.

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