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xx-xx-xx How Sade Cleaned Out the Cellar

Sade wants to get rid of all of the lodge junk in the cellar and Vic wants it all to remain right where it sits.

She calls him down cellar every few weeks to get rid of old newspapers.  He refuses.  Meanwhile, before he comes down each time, she gets rid of a handful of them.  She does it little by little so that he doesn't ever realize the pile is getting smaller and smaller.  He never suspects a thing.
What Sade does is basically the opposite of what Vic does in this episode when he tries to gradually increase the size of his hat brim so Sade doesn't notice.

The trick that Vic uses doesn't work - but Sade easily tricks Vic.

The date is unknown, as is the title. The title I used is made up by me and is used only for identification purposes.

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