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41-12-05 The Biggest Fake in the History of the World

Nicer Scott asks Rush to hide a basket of wrapped Christmas presents.  Rush agrees.  Once he gets home and examines the gifts, he finds that 7 or 8 of them are his!

He examines the gifts more closely and find they are addressed to him in a most-complimentary way.  And he wonders if they are really presents at all?  One looks like a brick (and feels like it.)  Another seems to be a jar full of rocks.

Is Rush's enemy trying to pull a fast one on him?  Rush and his parents seem to think so.

SEE THE SCRIPT (This is a pdf file - please give it a minute to load)
I could find no known title to this episode, so I simply chose a title so that it could be more easily identified. The title comes from the first line that Rush has in the script.

The premise of the episode is that Nicer hopes to induce presents from Rush because of the quantity of presents in the basket. Rush is to feel overwhelmed and will feel a need to reciprocate.

However, Nicer must be an awful dumb kid if he thinks Rush will fall for such a ploy. After all, he's used to tricks such as this (recall this episode involving Smelly Clark, for example.)

Rush has been around the biggest-fake-in-the-history-of-the-world block a few times.  Including in 1937, when he tried a very similar thing, himself.

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