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41-xx-xx Uncle Fletcher and Sade Will Have Lunch Together

It's morning and Mis' Keller, Uncle Fletcher's landlady, has just left on the train. Before she left, she packed him a box lunch.  The box includes cold chicken, bread and butter sandwiches, watermelon pickles, cabbage cole slaw, molasses cookies and coffee (in a Thermos.)  He has plans to go and visit Ed Kennedy and eat his box lunch there, because Ed owns a gas station there at the corner of Morris Avenue and Route 66.  Fletcher can watch the cars and the people while he eats.

But before he goes, he stops by and visits his niece, Sade.  After they talk, they decide to eat lunch together.

Another episode where there's not much going on.  Sade has received a postal card from her sister Bess and she tries hard to read it to Fletcher but she keeps getting interrupted by him.  He keeps talking about how he should never be trusted with a postal card because he loses them all of the time; (that's true with his other mail too.  Besides, he doesn't really want to hear the postal card, you'd imagine.)

Vic and Mr. Buller are eating at the Purple Room of the Butler House Hotel; this seems to happen every time Mr. Buller (from Chicago) is in town.

Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Steve Yowper from Belvidere; got into a "rassling" match with a fellow who had a thermometer - when the thermometer got up to 100 in the shade he got overheated, asked for a glass of cold lemonade, climbed on his bicycle, waved to the girl he was gonna marry, keeled over and kicked the bucket in "19 aught 10." He would have been 47 his next birthday.

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