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42-01-16 The Hinks Go West

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  • Vic's receives a letter from the Hinks. They're traveling with a double-decker bed.
  • The Hinks have been troubled by head colds for almost a month, and their doctor advised them to go west for a couple of weeks. So, they travel 60 miles west of Hoopeston!  Vic concedes that's not far enough west.  Sade wonders how the climate could be much different 60 miles west of their home town?
  • Vic reads the letter: "Doctor McGaggly told us we would receive enormous benefits from a two-week visit in the western part of the U.S.  We were obliged to inform him that a trip to the Pacific Coast or even to the mountain regions would be out of the question.  However we mentioned your western city.  Doctor McGaggly shrugged his shoulders.  He said we could suit ourselves on the matter.  And so we thought we'd put our double-decker bed in the automobile and head in your direction.  We know, of course, that we are welcome in your home for at least the week it will take us to find permanent lodgings for the other week of our stay." 
  • Sade objects to this idiocy.  Vic and Sade agree he should write and tell the Hinks it's not convenient at this time.  Vic is saddened, and goes off to play indoor horseshoes at Ike Kneesuffer's.  Sade asks Rush if he intends to join the lodge in the future. 
  • "Greek" junk in letter:  "Frater salutay.  In hoc dum cluck sim spittle fop.  Ad vermiform ipso factor spinach alltimus yeesh.  Semi-quaver ex libre dum yum fum.  Occo petravit agricolis cumquat ad iodine fosterly hunk.  Stobob huious equine simplicimus scopalorum non divisia…" - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Good fun here as the Hinks always provide entertainment when involved in a Vic and Sade script, although it all may have been even funnier had the doc told them to go west and they had traveled by their famous lawnmower. At any rate, Robert and Slobert must have been quite the pair.

When Vic is mad or extremely disappointed, he will go to Ike Kneesuffer's house to play indoor horseshoes - as he did at the end of this episode. When Sade is mad or embarrassed at herself, she will jaunt upstairs. Rush doesn't go anywhere when faced with disappointment, but he may pull out the phrase, "a common ordinary, American citizen" for dramatic effect.

This episode has similarities with 42-01-16 The Hinks Go West, although is not a re-used script or a remaked script, it doesn't appear.

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  1. It's poignant that twice (at least as far as I know) that Sade asks if Rush plans on joining the Sacred Star of the Milky Way. I'm sure she's hoping he doesn't end up as one of the members who is "dippy" or "not right in the upper story".