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43-12-03 One Soggy Garbage Wagon Pass

  • Sade mentions having seen Pom Pom Cordova on North Mason Street.
  • Sade: I'm envious as a horse.
  • Sade: Mis' Keller's niece in Saint Louis: Adelle Garroway, maiden name is Dwyer.
  • Fletcher: "I'll – tell – you – why – I – stopped – by.  I wouldn't give a copper for a fella that couldn't squeeze out a snicker now and again."  
  • Uncle Fletcher can't remember why he stopped by.
  • Vic: "Perhaps you stopped by to unscramble some eggs but stubbed your toe and you commenced to cry and the piano teacher that lives under the porch borrowed a nickel and…"
  • Fletcher: "A cousin of Roy Dejectedly's claimed he could unscramble eggs.  I'm not sayin' it's a fact this cousin of Roy Dejectedly's could unscramble eggs. I'm sayin' he claimed he could unscramble eggs."  
  • Uncle Fletcher remembers why he stopped by – in reference to the garbage wagon pass given to him by "Mary" (Mayor) Greetcham.  He never told Gumpox about the pass, thinking it might not sit right with him. That afternoon while Fletcher was riding Gumpox, it started raining.  So he crawled in the back of the wagon with the garbage and pulled a tarpaulin over himself, which Gumpox frowns on.  Vic wonders if it was hot back there, and Fletcher admits that it was.  Gumpox thinks if he has to get wet, Fletcher should, too.  So Fletcher flashed his official pass at Gumpox.  Gumpox looked at it for maybe ten minutes and it turned into a soggy, gooey mess.  Fletcher wants to know from Vic if "Mary" Greetcham would replace the pass, and Vic assures him it won't be a problem. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Riding on the wagon with Gumpox and being near Howard are very important to Fletcher.  It's a big part of his social life, not to mention that he has a love for horses.  The garbage pass is one of the most important things in Uncle Fletcher's life.   But it's apparent from this and another episode that writer Paul Rhymer tries to make it clear to us, is that Fletcher doesn't like to get wet.  He doesn't mind a potato peel getting on him, the obvious smell of the refuse or getting dirty in general.  But by golly, if the rains come, he's going to jump in the back with the trash and hide under the tarp.  Hiding under the tarp can create steam, which Fletcher doesn't like.  He and water must not get along.

Unscramble an egg?   Nicer Scott once claimed he could unfry an egg.

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