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43-12-21 Uncle Fletcher Asks for Lodging for Himself and Roy Dejectedly

  • Fletcher: "…like Ernie Fadler's brother-in-law there in Quincy… originally lived in Mayfield, Kentucky.  In fact he married a Mayfield, Kentucky woman.  Tell ya the honest truth, it was a woman way over thirty years old.  Well sir, Ernie's brother-in-law had always wanted to live in Quincy, Illinois because of his fondness for the Ohio River.  You'll hafta pardon me, Sadie.  I'm mixed up with another half-wit.  I got Ernie Fadler's brother-in-law confused with Art Voocherley's brother-in-law.  It was Art's brother-in-law married the thirty year old Mayfield, Kentucky woman and moved to Quincy."  
  • Sade agrees to let Uncle Fletcher and Roy Dejectedly use the spare bedroom.
  • Fletcher: "Martin Jordle there in Sycamore was a farmer seven miles northwest of Sycamore, and he was bothered by too many people coming out for supper evenings. they'd come out from Kingston and Kirkland and Genoa there in droves for supper.  See, Martin's wife Alvira was such a delicious cook.  Know what Martin done to curb that heavy run of moochers?  He bought twenty-seven fierce bulls.  He set them twenty-seven fierce bulls to grazing in his front yard. the number of people coming out for supper evenings dropped off something wonderful.  Martin Jordle of Sycamore, Illinois could talk the language of the horse.  ‘Give me a match, Walter,' he'd say in horse-talk and his horse would scratch around in the stable looking for a match." - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
There was a real Martin Jordle; he was the man who took care of Paul Rhymer's farm (in the story told here, Jordle is a farmer as well.)  I'm assuming he really did have a wife named Alvira.

The Jordles show up now and again in Vic and Sade lore, and  they are always doing something crazy. They led fascinating lives and I suggest you look them both up at the Character website.

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