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xx-xx-xx Howard Goes on Vacation

An audio story from Jean Shepard, which goes something like this:

Uncle Fletcher comes in the Gook house and he is kind of down in the dumps.

Vic: What's the trouble?

Fletcher:  Well, I was riding on the garbage wagon today with Gumpox...

Vic: So... What's the trouble?

Fletcher: Howard's on vacation.

Vic: Howard?

Fletcher: Yes, Mr. Gumpox' horse.  He's visiting relatives in Detroit. 

Vic: Oh go on.

Fletcher: So, there was a substitute horse today.

Vic: How did that go?

Fletcher: Well, his name is Chester.  He's not friendly.  [pause]  You know Vic, Howard is on a diet.

Vic: You don't say. Howard the horse is on a diet?

Fletcher: Lost 300 pounds last month.

Jean Shepard tells a great story.  It's too bad we don't like a couple thousand more of these.

This seems like it might be one of the funnest stories ever.

The title was give by me only so that we could identify it.

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