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43-xx-xx Rishigan Fishigan Gets Married

Clarence Hartzell (Uncle Fletcher) once told a brief story about Rishigan Fishigan that was neither left to us via an audio episode or found in the scripts or notes.  The story goes something like this:
Rishigan Fishigan (from Sishigan, Michigan) got married to Jayne Bayne (from Payne, Maine.)  They wanted to spend their honeymoon in the Bright Kentucky Hotel but the penthouse had no stairs going up to it.  The only way to get up to the penthouse was to shinny up a drainpipe -- and no self-respecting woman is going to want to shimmy up a drain pipe.  (((HEAR)))
We have evidence of penthouse atop the hotel being built in July of 1943.

The title is one I made up for identification purposes only.

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