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44-01-10 Where's Hank? - Goodbye Ladies

Sade's entertaining Mis' Brighton, Mis' Applerot, Mis' Stembottom, and Mis' Cryder. Meanwhile, Vic calls all over town trying to locate Hank Gutstop because he's been ordered by Lodge Headquarters to suspend him again for non-payment of dues. Sade wants Vic to come to the living room to say hello to her guests, who are getting ready to leave. Vic wants no part of the ladies.

SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
Sade is asking for trouble when she matches up Appelrot and Brighton against Ruthie and herself.  Appelrot and Brighton together always present trouble to Ruthie. And when Ruthie reaches the end of her rope and has had enough, she goes off half-cocked.  Though Sade can be a terror at home, she is meek around the ladies.

If Vic can ever locate Hank, it will be at least the third time he has been suspended from the lodge for not paying his dues.


+ Latin junk: "In hoc agricola sim spittle dum cluck apidivorous nono ickle hunk.  Sogo filia dum Caesar copley cornucopia est. Cicero tossit elmo cookies dim wopple speesh.  Eemo discurnim et fossae librum for a slamp. Nebravit huius caress sprell.  Digitus ex-bombo dum solo feenum chunk.  Bootle peuloorum non spooner booble yiz."

+ Russell mentions Hermie Wolper from school: 19 years old, wears a derby, spends Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the pool hall.

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