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44-01-11 Who Spotted the First Robin of Spring?

  • Russell: "Heine Call's a big fat-headed show-off.  He sweeps his front porch without any shoes on just to impress the American public with what a dead-game sport he is."
  • Sade: "…transparent as a horse."
  • Sade mentions she'll "go next door and sew and visit with Mis' Donahue awhile."
  • Russell is fed up with Heine and refuses to watch him anymore after he takes off his socks to further impress the American public.
  • Vic: "Russell, your mother is one mighty sharp customer.  there's no dust on the cuff of her jacket."  
  • Vic expects Hank Gutstop, Stacey Yopp, Y.I.I.Y. Skeeber and Rishigan Fishigan to stop by so he can arbitrate their argument about who spotted the first robin of the season.  The person who spots the first robin of the season annually becomes the toast of the town.  For the last few years, Hank has spotted the first robin and has the prestige of the town. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
It's not said in the notes but I'd bet the sighting of the first robin is a lodge-thing, rather than a town-thing.  But since the notes don't say...

So we can assume that Hank was missing in the previous episode (dated the day before) that he was off on a robin-spotting expedition.

Sade leaves to go next door - it's a sure thing she doesn't want to hang around the coming "Bright Kentucky" crowd.

Russell simply does not like Heinie and we have other episodes to prove this (here and here.)

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