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44-01-12 First Robin of the Season Racket

  • Sade: "Boy are my toes cold. Feel like thirty-six chunks of ice."
  • Russell mentions mom was calling on Mis' Hyster on Lee Street.
  • Russell mentions Harry Antidisestablishmentarianistic Jackson - who is a female and a member of the Thimble Club!   Sade: "…and gollies, she hasn't got any more the funniest thing to tell than a rabbit."
  • For years Hank Gutstop (Hank's full name is Franklin J. Gutstop) has traditionally spotted the first robin of the season, which means money to Hank – he gets his picture in the paper, bird-lovers offer him odd jobs at good pay.  People invite him to Sunday supper. Pretty girls shower him with candy, books, and flowers.  The previous year, Rishigan Fishigan noticed Hank's many benefits and tried to cut in on the action.  This year, Stacey Yopp and Y.I.I.Y. Skeeber decided they wanted in on the action.
  • Vic, as arbitrator, decided the four will get equal credit for seeing the first robin. Tomorrow morning they will all walk east on West Chestnut Street on their way to work and will suddenly see the first robin of the season.  Vic has equipped them with a tale to fend off folks who smell a rat.  Stacy Yopp will direct the group's attention to his sister's house and they all see the robin at once.
  • B. B. Baugh calls to announce he's seen the first robin of the season, and his picture's in tonight's newspaper.  
  • Vic (to phone): "Bee bee, bye bye.  I mean, bye-bye, B. B... - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
This episode provides a lot surprises in terms of trivia.  

Harry Antidisestablishmentarianistic Jackson isn't even the oddest name is the series...

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