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44-02-02 Boo Boo Baugh and Bracy Yopp

  • After visiting with Hank Gutstop out in the alley, Vic tells the family of events of a highly fantastic nature at the Bright Kentucky Hotel – a man's hair turned white, and another man's hair turned black:  Boo Boo Baugh, B.B. Baugh's twin brother: his hair turned from snow-white when he went to sleep to jet black when he woke.
  • Bracy Yopp is Stacey's twin brother.  He went to bed with jet black hair and woke with snow-white hair.  Hank believes this story is startling and colorful enough to command a price.  He wants to sell it to a newspaper or magazine.
  • Boo Boo slept with the window open, and coal and soot blew in.  Bracy, was in room #7 in the Bright Kentucky Hotel where a train passes every hour within two feet of the room.  He got scared – terrified, frantic, and terror-stricken from the screaming of the trains and whistles and bells.
  • After dinner, Uncle Fletcher reads an advertising leaflet for a tonic: "Testimonials from Mr. John Loppers of Indiana, Mr. Arthur McRotwalk of Montana, Mr. Orpolord of Texas, A. Eisenmenger of Kansas, Ernest Twentysixler Jr. of Maryland." - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
The legend of the Bright Kentucky Hotel continues to grow - as does the long list of residents.

The room #7 gag (train coming so close to building that residents are in fear) has been used numerous times on television sit-coms, most notably perhaps on I Love Lucy (episode "First Stop") but originated by Paul Rhymer.

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