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44-01-27 Ruthie's Feet are Growing!

  • Vic suggests since gorillas are three times stronger than a man, they'd make great pitchers in the major leagues.  Russell thinks no catcher could handle the powerful pitches.  Vic's solution: train another gorilla to catch.
  • Sade: "… dull as my undershirt."
  • Sade confesses to nine million thoughts during the day that she'd like to share with Vic, but they slip her mind – like the fact that Ruthie's taking larger size shoes now.  She won't say how big.
  • Sade: "I bet nineteen evenings out of every week I rack my brains after supper wondering what on earth it was I particularly wanted to talk over with Vic… and twenty evenings out of every week I just hafta give up.  Why don't I just grab a pencil and jot down this trash?  It's like when you're in bed and so thirsty you'd give nine thousand dollars for a sip of cold water, but you've been asleep and it's warm under the covers and you just can't bring yourself to put your feet out on the cold floor and walk in the dark to the bathroom to the hydrant.  You lay there and suffer."  
  • Sade: "It's the biggest tragedy since Adam left Detroit, Michigan."
  • Sade mentions Rodgers shoe store.
  • Ruthie took pride in her tiny feet, but she's upset because she's gone from size four-and-a-half to six-and-a-half – now what?
  • Sade: "the size shoe Ruthie Stembottom wears today is her property and the property of the angels."  - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
A recent study shows that men are most attracted to women with the shoe size of "5." 

Having small feet is very important to the women in the Thimble Club.  The women with small feet have been known to be harassed the women with the larger feet (as was the case in 40-01-09 Sade Muses on Her Friendship with Mis' Scott) as Sade tells about Mis' Wyatt and Mis' Wheeler messing with Ruthie because of her small foot size.  So having a larger shoe size can be damaging to the ladies.

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