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44-03-22 Grand Re-Opening of the Tea Shoppy

  • The Little Tiny Petite Pheasant Feather Tea Shoppy is now under management of Pom Pom Cordova.  Sade's Thimble Club is backing the venture. Thimble Club Vice-President, Mis' Fenwick, is the new owner.  Pom Pom, as manager and hostess, will put up a glamorous front for drumming up business.  One of the big, free attractions: Pom Pom and Lolita di Rienzi duets on Caribbean Dream Flute and Tropical Guitar.
  • The shop re-opens at noon tomorrow: free funny hats for the gentlemen, free noise-makers for the ladies, cigars and roses for the old folks.  Russell and his pals will be handing out these items.
  • Sade will attend the grand re-opening with Ruthie Stembottom, Mis' Trogle, and Mis' Hendricks.
  • Sade: "everybody happy as my undershirt, huh?"
  • Vic fears Sade will pounce on him in regard to Pom Pom. 
  • Rishigan Fishigan is passing out handbills on people's porches.
  • Russell: "they're really doing it up brown." - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
So it comes out that the rumor Mis' Appelrot was passing around was somewhat true.  Vic doesn't seem to have any part in the backing - although, oddly enough - the Thimble Club seems to have way, way more to do with the Little Tiny Petite Pheasant Feather Tea Shoppy changing hands than Vic.

Pom Pom and Lolita make their musical dreams come true.  I'm sure their music was very pretty; it's a shame there are no  muted silver moonbeam chimes to go along with them.

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