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44-03-24 The Seven Minute March

  • Vic comes home all excited – wants to know if the Evans Photographer Studio telephoned.
  • After the disappointment of his cancelled trip to Sweet Esther, Wisconsin, Vic's spirits brighten at the news that Homer U. McDancy is arriving by train this afternoon and they'll march together at the Union Depot and be photographed for the Lodge magazine. The train will be stopping for seven minutes.  Vic calls himself a "stoop-head" for saying, "I'm going to dance with Homer U. McMarchy."
  • Vic's eager to let Honky J. Sponger in on this event.
  • Russell: "By George, Gov is as happy as a horse."  
  • Russell mentions Shorty McClellan has obtained permission from his parents to smoke cigars when he turns 25.  He already has the cigar.  Sade suspects it'll be stale after eleven years.  Russell explains Shorty's preserving it by soaking it in gasoline.  Six months prior to his twenty-fifth birthday he'll remove it from the gasoline and dry it in the sunshine.  - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
A week earlier, Vic's spirit was crushed when his trip to Sweet Esther fell apart.  In that episode, McDancy was to have a five minute layover at the train depot.  This episode gives them two more precious marching minutes.

The story about Short McClellan is classic; it's one I would love to hear.  Still, the text remaining is precious to me.

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