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xx-xx-xx Vic's Train Trip Speech to Kitchenware Executives


Aboard a train, Vic gives a speech to Consolidated Kitchenware executives.

While the train is going through Boone, Iowa, he refers to it as "the cesspool of the United States."
That's all of the information I have about the actual contents of the show.  However, it must have been a somewhat unusual show as it seems that this must have been Vic doing the show solo and "aboard a train," to boot.

This episode was remembered by a member of an audience in a forum about the Vic and Sade program, but the panel of guests did not remember the show.  If Vic was doing the episode solo, then no one would be there to remember it, since the other guests from the show at the forum were Bill Idelson and Clarence Hartzell.

The audience member thought there would have been considerable backlash from residents living in Boone. And to remember an episode (heard only once) 30 yeas later, it must have had an impression on her.

Recall that Uncle Fletcher also mentioned Boone, Iowa (several times) and made mention that he had never been there.

Suffice to say, it's quite likely that writer Paul Rhymer had some kind of bad experience in Boone and never forgot it.  Or perhaps he simply disliked Boone.

The title is one I have given the show for identification purposes only.

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