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44-04-24 Howard, the Runaway

  • In the alley behind Graham Street, Howard suddenly bolted – all the way to Seminary Avenue. 
  • Russell: "…shrill screaming and high-pitched yells of wild-eyed people."
  • Russell: "Howard lost a good many true friends by his rash action."  Mr. Gumpox cried at having been betrayed by his old friend.
  • Smelly Clark thinks Howard did it out of boredom, Heine Call thinks he was startled out of an exciting dream. Oyster Krecker thinks he was just blowing off steam.
  • Mis' Razorscum thinks he was probably bit by an insect (also Sade's idea).
  • Russell resolves to stand by Howard unless and until "it's proven his action was deliberately malicious."
  • Russell (about Howard): "He's innocent as the new-mown hay." - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Howard is a horse most everyone loves.  But at this point in his life, he was a bit of a dangerous creature.

Two months later, he would knock holes in two garbage boxes, perhaps the product of getting loose and creating helter skelter.

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