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37-02-16 Preparing for a Visit from the Brimmer Family

The Brimmer family - with their six destructive children - are on their way over to the Gook house.

The Gooks have just a few minutes to hide all of their frail items: such as the pickle and olive plate (which Rush would later destroy by accident and be guilt-ridden by his mother for literally months.)

If this situation has ever happened to you, you know what the Gooks were feeling.

Despite the fact that the entire Brimmer brood (except the charming Verna) is destructive, the Gook put on their best face for their arrival.

Meet the Brimmers:
  • Mis' Verna Brimmer: A nice lady; the wife of Orval.
  • Orval Brimmer: The head of the clan; has shoes with nails in them.  The floor by the davenport where he sat last time is criss-crossed with grooves.
  • Kennedy Brimmer: The devil of the bunch.  The last time he was at the Gook home, he took a broom and bashed two light bulbs; then he took the broom and rammed it into Sade's stomach.
  • Stobo Brimmer: The last time he was at the house, he had "swimmer's ear" and banged his head against the plaster, breaking it into pieces.
  • Foster Brimmer: He shaves 5 times a week now.  Last time he was at the Gook house, he drew on their picture of William McKinley with crayons.
  • Alvin Brimmer: Always trips over Vic's footrest.
  • Eugene Brimmer: Crawls under the sink
  • Hobart Brimmer: Has sticky candy and made a mess of the curtains last time they came over.
One wonders what purpose the Gooks would have in their William McKinley picture.  It's not a Sade thing, so it must be a Vic thing.

McKinley began the run of four straight Republicans in the White House unil the Democrats took over dominance.  Vic is a Republican?

We are fortunate to have an audio re-creation available by the American Radio Theater:

Hear the re-creation audio

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