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33-09-04 Vic and Rush Make Molasses Taffy

Vic and Rush are home alone and Vic tries to stop the trouble before it begins, sternly warning the young Rush to quietly read his book so that he can settle down on the davenport with his newspaper.

Nine year-old Rush quickly gets bored with his reading material (A Survey of Asiatic Religions from the Years 1893-1906) and begins to get the urge to make taffy.

Rush somehow talks Vic into letting him make it, although Vic is so worried about what will happen that he actually winds up being the head chef.

SEE THE SCRIPT (HTML) (transcribed from PDF by Lydia Crowe)

READ THE SCRIPT (This is original, photocopied script, in PDF form, give it a minute to load)

HEAR THE RE-ENACMENT (PQ Ribber and Jimbo)
The script brings evidence of Rush peppering his dad with lots of questions.  It's hard not to laugh when reading the conversation between the two because episodes we have heard make it easy to 'hear.'

We learn that Rush's dog - Mr. Albert R. Johnson - is kept in the basement.

The exact title of this episode is unknown.  I provided the title for identification purposes only.

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