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4x-xx-xx Uncle Fletcher Wants a Family Reunion


Uncle Fletcher tries to talk Sade into having a family reunion that involves just their side of the family.  Sade doesn't think this would work at all, because she doesn't think Vic would go for it.
There are times when Vic and Uncle Fletcher do not get along perfectly.  That's not to say there is a problem between them but Vic likes to sidetrack Fletcher when his stories are a bit off-kilter.  Fletcher is very unappreciative of this.

Vic has never shown any affection for any member of Sade's family -- with the exception of Fletcher.  I have no doubt he would not enjoy spending time with Sade and Fletcher's side of the family in an all-day event; as a matter of fact, I agree with Sade completely.

NOTE: This episode is suspect; it's synopsis was taken from the book, Buried Caesars, written by Stuart M. Kaminsky.  This book is a Toby Peters Mystery.  In many of his his books, he often puts in synopsis' of Vic and Sade's radio programs.

This particular one was chosen because in all of the other titles in the mystery series listed in Google Books, they were all known to me and deemed to be true and this particular synopsis was not one I had seen or heard of before;  I feel since the others were true and mostly* correct, then this one probably is as well. However, I caution you to take it at face value.

The date is approximate but we know it had to have taken place after Uncle Fletcher arrived on the scene, sometime after 1940.

The title is one I made up for identification purposes only.

* One of the synopsis' had the wrong name for Mr. Gumpox and Kaminsky confused this episode slightly by writing that Gumpox had two different colored eyes.  Also, Gumpox was confused for the mailman rather than the garbage man.

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