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xx-xx-xx Ladies Lunch Mix-up

Sade and several friends dine out for lunch, each paying for their own meal.  But when the food arrives, each of the ladies begin to crave what the other is having and begin to trade food with each other, thoroughly confusing the checks and spondulicks, the ladies themsleves and probably the waiter as well.
While not exactly like it, this synopsis immediately reminded me of the restaurant scene from the television show, I Love Lucy in the episode titled, "Lucy Changes Her Mind" from 1953. Below is the scene I am thinking about:

This episode synopsis was given via the Mercury-Advance newspaper in 1973. The names given in the article can be taken with a grain of salt.

No date or title was given in the article, so I left the date blank and assigned the title myself, purely for the sake of identification purposes.

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