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38-04-xx Vic Put Out By Spring Housecleaning

from April 28, 1938
Vic comes home from work and Sade is busy doing spring housecleaning.

For dinner, he's given a can of beans, which he isn't thrilled about at all.

After dinner, he chooses to smoke his pipe but Sade has thrown many of his things away and the pipe seems to be one of those items.  He digs around in the trash for it.

He's ready to settle down for the evening but there's no chair to sit in!  So he makes the best of it and grabs his latest magazine that's come in the mail and sits on the floor.  Despite the hardship, Vic is not unhappy, since he has a new magazine, which is one of the joys of his life.

Later, Vic finds that there's been a mix-up and his new suit pants have been given to Mr. Gumpox to throw away.

Vic is not happy.
And no one can blame him.

I was recently fortunate enough to find this archival, four-panel photo piece from 1938, and I assume this was a recent episode of Vic and Sade.

The date of this episode was almost assuredly in the spring (probably in April) of 1938.  The newspaper piece is dated April 28.

The title of the episode is one I have given the show purely for identification purposes.

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