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38-01-10 Hawaiian Islands Itinerary

The Sacred Stars of the Milky Way have set a date for the members and their wives to go to Hawaii.  It's years away; but that does not stop Vic from writing down the proposed  itinerary.

Doing this sets off Sade and then Rush, who tease Vic so badly that he sets off for Ike Kneesuffer's basement for a game of indoor horseshoes!


+ The lodge Hawaii trip must have been really big news because it was spoken about in other episodes; roughly a year earlier, Sade and Ruthie were trying to discuss the trip at a Thimble Club meeting, only to be shot down by Mis' Appelrot.

 + Rush is reading a Third Lieutenant Stanley novel but he neither reads aloud nor tells the title.  The only bit we get out of it is that there is danger afoot involving a 15' rattlesnake.

+ Sade's Daily Little Love Story must have been extra exciting this day as she goes on and on about the adventures involved, much like Rush does when he explains his adventure books. It also appears as though Vic sometimes reads the story (remember, this is early 1938) when he reads the paper.

+ This is the episode where Sade says: "As far as I'm concerned, the Hawaiian Islands might just as well be out in the Pacific Ocean."  (Bernardine Flynn had spoken about that line in an interview from the 1970's). ((HEAR))

+ Vic affectionately refers to Rush as: "sewer gas."

+ We find out that Consolidated Kitchenware has a plant in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  A new character is mentioned, George Frothmurder, who works there.

+ This episode resides somewhere in script form, but I don't have the script. But I can point you to a re-creation:

American Radio Theater's re-creation

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