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43-xx-xx Fear in the Bright Kentucky Hotel

The dangerous Bright Kentucky Hotel is more like a prison than a hotel, according to the stories told in this episode. 
Clerk Charlie Urquhart ran the hotel under "ironclad rules."
An actual NBC promo
Kentucky Hotel's guests come under considerable scrutiny. The article states that the hotel was managed by

Whether you owned them or not, combs and brushes were chained to the wall, as was a smoking jacket Mr. Gumpox had received as a Christmas gift.

Rules were in place that you could not cook nor smoke in the rooms.  If you were caught doing either deed you were immediately moved to a room that nearly sat on the railroad tracks (barely six inches from death's door).  In this room, "the unhappy culprit wakes regularly as trains go by, expecting a locomotive to crawl up his pillow."

This punishment room also meant passing engineers might toss a hot coal or two into your window or swoop by and literally steal your meal.

Then there was the constant fear that the railroad men would someday chain the entire hotel to Engine 187 that was headed to Chicago and the rickety hotel would be no more.

+ Charles Urquhart was the name of Vic and Sade's director in 1943.

The date is probably correct but there's no guarantee.  This episode does share similarities with another episode but I have Barbara Schwarz's notes on that episode and there are details in this episode that aren't in the one she noted.

The name of the episode is made up by me and is used purely for identification purposes.

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