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40-xx-xx A Big Slob Named V.R. Gook

In episode 40-12-xx H. K. Fleeber's 48 Teeth, Sade recalls a time previous where Vic got his picture in the Kitchenware Quarterly magazine.  That article began, "Over at Plant #14, a big slob named V.R. Gook..."

Vic didn't seem angry at all when this was brought up.  As a matter of fact, he seemed to have enjoyed the attention, even though he was called a "slob."
Vic not being upset at being called a "slob" shouldn't surprise anyone, as Vic can certainly take a joke, as long as he gets the recognition.  We know that anytime his photo is involved or a biographical sketch is written about him, things will be botched, or as he might put it, "sloppy!"  The good (whatever that may be) must always come with the bad for Mr. Victor Gook.

The date is unknown but it probably took place in 1940.  There's a very good chance, in my opinion, that an entire episode was built around his inclusion in the Kitchenware Quarterly.

The title is one I have given to the episode purely for identification purposes.

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