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xx-xx-xx Relative of R.J. Konk

Vic comes home from a lodge meeting, with a song in his heart, after meeting Yowtcher V. Konk, a relative of the lodge founder, R.J. Konk.  He's taught Vic a song, which Vic is singing:
Would that these pale hands chrysanthemums might gather,
Would that o'er green fields these slender feet might glide;
The moon is a crystal ball up there,
You my darling are young and fair,
Would that these pale hands...
Yowtcher V. Konk may or may not be kin to lodge founder R.J. Konk but I have to assume he is.

The synopsis for this episode is taken from this newspaper article.  The date is not known and the title is one I have given to the episode simply to help us identify it.

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