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34-09-01 Kickapoo Creek or American Legion Parade?

It's Labor Day weekend and Vic wants the family to enjoy the wildlife and nature of the Kickapoo Creek area, which is outside of town.  Sade is agreeable to this, until she finds out that there is an American Legion Parade being held downtown. 
The Gooks have been known to spend their holidays off in nature, enjoying the animals and the flora and fauna.  Labor Day, 1934, was no different.

An American Legion parade
While other episodes reveal that Sade seems to be the one who really enjoys these outdoor jaunts (and presumably a picnic lunch was prepared, as well), Vic also seems to like these excursions.  Rush is certainly not against these trips either and probably had plans to take one of his friends along, as has happened in other episodes.

Sade is presented with the opportunity to see a parade, and it is she who becomes parade-happy in this early episode, not Vic!  

The clincher is that Vic somehow gets invited to be in the parade and his demeanor seems to change.  And this could very well be the episode that points to Vic changing his stripes and becoming crazy about parades, marching, regalia, lodges and everything else.
[The gist of this episode is revealed in the book, Vic and Sade on the Radio: A Cultural History of Paul Rhymer's Daytime Series.  The title is one I have given the show purely for identification purposes only.]

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