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40-xx-xx Uncle Fletcher's Clothes

S N A P !
From the sound snippet we have, it seems Uncle Fletcher is getting all dolled-up and might be headed somewhere, perhaps the train station.

* Uncle Fletcher has on a leather tie, regulation police suspenders, and sleeve garters.

* The snap heard from the suspenders and sleeve garters represent one of the few times in the surviving audio that we have where a sound effect is heard, other than a telephone or a far-away voice.

[The dialogue and audio below may or may not be from this episode.  This is simply my educated guess.]

* The entire dialogue we are privy to:

Uncle Fletcher: Yes, I should have a real good time.

Sade: Glorious time!

Uncle Fletcher: All dressed up of course...

Sade: Yes, indeed.

Uncle Fletcher: Leather neck tie...

Sade: Mmm.

Uncle Fletcher: Regulation strength double police suspenders.


Sade: Uhhh.  Good, solid snap!

Uncle Fletcher: Sleeve garters!


Sade: [giggles] They snap nice, also!

Uncle Fletcher: Uh-huh.

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