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36-02-21 Willard's Book of Poetry

Sade's been asked to share a review of Willard's book of poetry. Sade cannot make heads nor tails out of the superfluous, probably-pretentious work. When she asks Rush what certain poems mean, he comes up with logical (yet suspect) answers, confusing Sade even more.

Eventually, she gives up on doing the report, sending her son packing with the book but making him tell Mis' Brighton the bad news.
I assume no one but myself cares about this, but the John T. Hetherington book (link below) reveals that Willard is Mis' Brighton's brother.  What is not revealed though, is why Sade has such a close relationship with him.  She calls him by his first name, calls him "a comfortable friend" and has him over to the house often (yet, always with Mis' Brighton).  I wonder how Sade would feel if Pom Pom or Lolita were called the same by Vic and came over as often?  I'm not suggesting that Willard and Sade are romantically involved, I am only stating some obvious facts.

The title is one I have given the episode purely for identification purposes.

[The gist of this episode was revealed in the book, Vic and Sade on the Radio: A Cultural History of Paul Rhymer's Daytime Series]

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