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38-05-11 Sade Refuses Simple Hawaii Research

Vic, still preparing for the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way's monumental trip to Hawaii, must contend with Sade's insidious knowledge about the islands.

Though she's ignorant about Hawaii and is being bombarded with nonsensical questions from most Thimble Club members at the meetings, she stubbornly refuses to take a trip to the library to read up on the subject.
Sade is perhaps the weakest in the area of refusing to research; her personal motto seems to be something like, "Knowledge is needless trash and talky-talk". 

Face it, she just doesn't care about facts and therefore, she doesn't care if she's made a fool of, either.  Sure, we know that Sade isn't stupid, but her ignorance and lack of seeking even simple facts would be enough to make most any husband and son agitated and upset.

The Hawaiian trip (which we can assume never did come to fruition) is still years away but this doesn't stop Vic from dreaming about that glorious week.

The title is one I have given the episode purely for identifcation purposes.

[The gist of this episode was revealed in the book, Vic and Sade on the Radio: A Cultural History of Paul Rhymer's Daytime Series]

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