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37-10-04 Scribe of The Sacred Stars Searchlight

Shot down, per usual
Vic comes home from the lodge with wonderful news... he's been selected to be the Stationary Scribe and Contributing Editorial Factorum to (pre-Lodge Quarterly?) The Sacred Stars Searchlight magazine.

Sade doesn't revel in Vic's joy, but instead points out he's taken on another job that does not pay him.  Then she shows him (from the lodge magazine itself) names of dozens of other individuals that hold the exact same job title he holds.  He is quickly put on his heels by Sade, who privately seems to enjoy killing his feelings of accomplishment, no matter how small. 
We knew it would end this way;  Vic's joys are almost always snuffed out before they become true happiness and contentment.

His title (and this episode) seem to correlate greatly with 35-xx-xx Vic is Elected to the Congress of Distinguished Americans; I wouldn't be surprised to find this is to be a re-write of that same script (although Bill Idelson may or may not appear in this version).

The title is one I have given purely for identification purposes.

[The gist of this episode was revealed in the book, Vic and Sade on the Radio: A Cultural History of Paul Rhymer's Daytime Series]

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