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40-xx-xx Uncle Fletcher's Meals


An angry Uncle Fletcher comes to the Gook house complaining that his landlady, Mis' Keller, upon leaving for a two-week vacation, has set out his meals all over the house on various objects and platforms.

In Series 3, there is an episode that is very much like this one but it has a far-different ending.  In this 1940 episode, it is Uncle Fletcher who plans to break down the porch in a show of force in front of Mis' Keller.  In the 1946 episode, the same thing occurs, but it is Mis' Keller who has the fit of rage and inexplicably destroys the porch railing.


+ This episode is the only instance we have where a "Mr. Keller" has been mentioned.  He's obviously referred to as being Mis' Keller's husband. If this was not some sort of anomaly, it is quite possible -- even probable -- that an episode exists after this one where Mr. Keller passes away and Uncle Fletcher vows to become her protector, or something similar.  

+ This is first instance we know of where Uncle Fletcher tells someone to "go down cellar".  He tells this to Rush (and later, to Vic).

+ Uncle Fletcher refers to his meals being scattered like "anthracite coal" -- the exact kind of coal that was extracted from the coal mine in Bloomington

+ Mr. Erickson has been doing house repairs for about a year at the Gook house and in this episode, has a crew of five to help.  What's gotten into Mr. Erickson?

+ Not only is the Ohio Home for the Agreeable mentioned (it was mentioned also in the 1946 version) but so is Wisconsin State Home for the Obstinate (in Sweet Esther, of course).

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