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43-06-21 Vic Despises Little Daily Love Story

Vic makes it known how much he hates the drivel of the Little Daily Love Story, reading gushing passages that reek with hyperbole.

SEE THE SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2)
If you thought the Third Lieutenant Stanley novels were bad... just wait until you read the trash that Sade reads.

This script is missing it's ending, which is probably less than a page.

The real E.W. Smith of Emporia, Kansas appears to have been at the performance of this episode, as the script seems to point out that he was there; however, his buddy Paul Rhymer did not sign it, making me believe the writer was missing that day.


+ The Gloria Golden - Four- Fisted Frank Fuddleman film is named, High Society Hatred. Russell refused to attend, because the movie poster 'looked punk.'

+ Though the title of this episode indicates it's about Vic and the Little Daily Love Story, there's plenty of Russell telling about the acute sensitivity claims of his pal, Raymond 'Searles' (aka 'Surrells'):
  • He can tell the temperature of the sun (can tell how many degrees it's lost).
  • He can predict the weather in various cities.
  • He can detect (by exact measurement) items put into his mouth.
  • He can tell you the ingredients of a pill.
  • He can tell what key a dog barks in.
  • He can stand on a dime and determine if it's heads or tells.
This episode took place on the first day of Summer, 1943, yet Russell uses 'Christmas tree' twice.

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