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XX-XX-XX Plans Revealed for Piscatorial Monster, Minnesota

''Oh, Red Cap?!''
Vic, Charlie Razorscum, and some other pals have planned a fishing trip to Piscatorial Monster, Minnesota.

Some of the plans revealed has the men breaking down Charlie Razorscum's car, lugging the individual pieces of the car on board the train, then re-uniting the pieces once they arrive at their destination.  Ingenious and ridiculous at the same time.
It's hard to tell without hearing this (or seeing the script), but this could have been one of the most ingenious plays ever written by Paul Rhymer.
The absurdity of transferring a torn-apart car aboard a passenger train -- for the sole purpose of having a car to use on a fishing trip... need I say more?  This scenario ranks up there with Bacon Sandwiches, combs and brushes chained to the walls of the Bright Kentucky Hotel, catching golf clubs from a speeding train, Vic having to sit outside - in the rain - on a ladder - in order to eat with the big brass from his work, a marching band scattered all over the country using stopwatches and sixteenths of a second to stay the course, the Hink twins driving their riding lawn mowers all over Illinois, armed guards at a 'home' for tall people, fixing alarm clocks with hammers, a gross of gravels, and on and on...

Sept. 3, 1939
When compared to other radio of it's time, or even early television comedy, it's easy to see how Vic and Sade was leaps and bounds ahead of everything else.

The destination, Piscatorial Monster, Minnesota does not exist, but is Latin for a very grotesque, frog-looking fish.  Follow the rabbit trail if you want; Rhymer has mentioned the town at various times; more than one 19th century book tells tales of a Piscatorius Monster fish.  Also, Rhymer and friends went fishing up north.

This episode was remembered by a Friends of Vic and Sade alumm.

There is no hint of a date and the title is one I have given the show, purely for identification purposes.

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