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XX-XX-XX Toy Soldiers

Out on the porch are Vic and Sade.  Vic is sitting on the steps where he is engaged
with a miniature marching team set (in full regalia) that he has acquired from his lodge.  Sade sees this and needles him about playing with ''toy soldiers.''

Meanwhile, Little Charlie Husher comes over to the steps and annoys Vic (although Little Charlie's voice is never heard.)  Sade points out the obvious -- the child wants to play with the toy soldiers.

Vic is getting upset because Little Charlie won't go away; instead, he inches closer to the soldiers.  Sade implores Vic to let Charlie play.

The ending can't be remembered by the Friends of Vic and Sade alumnus who recalled the story, but suggests Vic may have scooped up his toys and left, prompting Charlie to cry.

The date of this episode is unknown and the title is one I have given it, purely for identification purposes.

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