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35-04-17 Lodge Library

Vic is the owner of his own lodge library, which he has purchased at a discount rate.  But no matter how much of a discount he got, Sade's not happy.

SEE THE SCRIPT (page 1) (page 2)
What we encounter here is the first time of many for the Lodge Library, which holds, for us, countless smiles, titters and guffaws.

This script seems to border on boring, to be blunt, but I believe writer Paul Rhymer did this on purpose - and he also withheld any and all funny business inside the books - so that he could employ them with wacky fraternal surprise the next times they would be used.

It's my guess that the Lodge Library would be used at least an average of once a week for the rest of the series.  That's a lot of episodes.  And a lot of mileage he got out of the endless pages.

Not pleased...
Oddly, the always-important Volume VII is not mentioned in this episode, and the books themselves point to John B. Rafunnel, Ira Guppy, James L. White and T. Lester Konk founding the lodge in 1857.  This differs than the song Vic sang in 1936 (Jolly lads, come quick to me, a story I will tell about the Sacred Stars Of The Milky Way, the organization we love so well. ‘Twas founded in 1833 by six wise men so true. Their names were Howard Conk, J.M. Dupe, L.W. Rotmyer, Anderson...)  And, of course, later, R.J. Konk would be ''rightfully'' credited.  Maybe an episode existed about a smooth, engraved stone that was found within the city limits of Sweet Esther, Wisconsin, that prove R.J. Konk was the true founder.  We may never know.


+ Vic lives in the "Ratfunnel" Belt; this seems to be the Great Lakes area once frequented by John B. Ratfunnel. 

+ A joke, or not a joke? (((hear)))

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