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37-04-28 Dreams

Rush wants to stay up all night because Rooster Davis has had dreams three nights in a row that there would be a lunar eclipse; the dream having happened three times in a row is a superstition that it will come true.

Sade won't let him stay up though, because it's a school night.  And Rush is not happy.

Meanwhile, Vic tells about his recent dream and Sade tells him about the dreams her lady friends have been having.

SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2)

This isn't the only time Rush falls asleep on the couch while threatening to stay up late.  The same thing happened happened in 41-02-24 Uncle Fletcher To Meet 1 AM Train.


+ Holly J. Hugbelch is the Superintendent of Kitchenware Dealer's Plant number 9 in Lima, Ohio.  [There are apparently two Plant #9's... the other is in Dubuque, Iowa.]

+ There was a penumbral lunar eclipse about a month after this show aired. 

+ He may have been "joking", but Vic mentioned a mental patient he knew from Pittsfield, Ilinois who resided at the Crazy View Insane Asylum.  He also mentioned sending him fudge.  This may be the first (of at least three times) fudge was mentioned as a gift for someone locked away with mental problems (the other two are mentioned in this episode).

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