xx-xx-xx Eleven Barrels of Oysters

Uncle Fletcher offers to inconveniently supply the Gooks with eleven barrels of oysters, which they probably quickly refused.
Uncle Fletcher was always going way overboard on his gifts.  There were times when he sent three fierce bulldogs; on at least two occasions he had gigantic doorstops made out of railroad track pieces that weighed over 400 pounds to give away as gifts; another time he presumably spent $1000 or more on Mr. Gumpox for a harness for his horse -- and this is where we gather the information for this presumed episode.

[There were many other incidents along this vein as well that I have not mentioned.]

We don't know if this episode actually existed or not but 20/20 vision shows us that most things spoken about the family did indeed take place in an episode.  Either way, we can be assured that the generous Uncle Fletcher did indeed at least try to send eleven barrels of oysters to Vic, Sade and Rush.

We can also assume the conversation that took place after finding out the news: imagine the smell of the other ten rotting barrels?  Where would the Gooks keep the oysters?  And other such nonsense.

The date of this episode had to have happened before 1941, since this was spoken of on the last day of 1940

38-01-10 Hawaiian Islands Itinerary

The Sacred Stars of the Milky Way have set a date for the members and their wives to go to Hawaii.  It's years away; but that does not stop Vic from writing down the proposed  itinerary.

Doing this sets off Sade and then Rush, who tease Vic so badly that he sets off for Ike Kneesuffer's basement for a game of indoor horseshoes!


+ The lodge Hawaii trip must have been really big news because it was spoken about in other episodes; roughly a year earlier, Sade and Ruthie were trying to discuss the trip at a Thimble Club meeting, only to be shot down by Mis' Appelrot.

 + Rush is reading a Third Lieutenant Stanley novel but he neither reads aloud nor tells the title.  The only bit we get out of it is that there is danger afoot involving a 15' rattlesnake.

+ Sade's Daily Little Love Story must have been extra exciting this day as she goes on and on about the adventures involved, much like Rush does when he explains his adventure books. It also appears as though Vic sometimes reads the story (remember, this is early 1938) when he reads the paper.

+ This is the episode where Sade says: "As far as I'm concerned, the Hawaiian Islands might just as well be out in the Pacific Ocean."  (Bernardine Flynn had spoken about that line in an interview from the 1970's). ((HEAR))

+ Vic affectionately refers to Rush as: "sewer gas."

+ We find out that Consolidated Kitchenware has a plant in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  A new character is mentioned, George Frothmurder, who works there.

+ This episode resides somewhere in script form, but I don't have the script. But I can point you to a re-creation:

American Radio Theater's re-creation

38-04-xx Vic Put Out By Spring Housecleaning

from April 28, 1938
Vic comes home from work and Sade is busy doing spring housecleaning.

For dinner, he's given a can of beans, which he isn't thrilled about at all.

After dinner, he chooses to smoke his pipe but Sade has thrown many of his things away and the pipe seems to be one of those items.  He digs around in the trash for it.

He's ready to settle down for the evening but there's no chair to sit in!  So he makes the best of it and grabs his latest magazine that's come in the mail and sits on the floor.  Despite the hardship, Vic is not unhappy, since he has a new magazine, which is one of the joys of his life.

Later, Vic finds that there's been a mix-up and his new suit pants have been given to Mr. Gumpox to throw away.

Vic is not happy.
And no one can blame him.

I was recently fortunate enough to find this archival, four-panel photo piece from 1938, and I assume this was a recent episode of Vic and Sade.

The date of this episode was almost assuredly in the spring (probably in April) of 1938.  The newspaper piece is dated April 28.

The title of the episode is one I have given the show purely for identification purposes.

40-xx-xx Mr. Sludge and the Pinching Shoes

The family talks about the shoe problem Mr. Sludge had; they pinched his feet and made him cry!
According to episode 40-05-27 Mis' Scott Getting Too Chummy, the family recounted a bit about the time Mr. Sludge had pinching shoes. Poor guy.

Although unknown, it seems probable that the episode took place in 1940, sometime before May 27th.

The episode title is one I gave to the episode purely for identification purposes.  

40-05-xx Hank Gutstop Drummed Out of Lodge

Vic has to drum Hank Gutstop out of the lodge for not paying his dues.
We can be fairly certain this episode took place because it is mentioned in episode 40-05-06 Working Out Hank's Indebtedness.

[This episode is not to be confused with episode 42-xx-xx Lodge Speech Rehearsal, which appears to be very, very similar.  We know the above episode wasn't referring to Lodge Speech Rehearsal due to the dates.]

 + In an interview in the 1970's, Bill Idelson (Rush) recalls Vic drumming Gutstop out of the lodge and removing his buttons: {{{HEAR}}}

The date given is accurate according to the information, except we have no specific day in May of 1940.  The title is one I have given the episode purely for identification purposes.

40-xx-xx Vic Breaks the Kitchen Alarm Clock

Vic attempts to "fix" an alarm clock that belongs in the kitchen and somehow destroys it, with pieces seemingly flying everywhere.
This episode is alluded to in episode 40-03-25 Smelly Clark's Big Date.  (((HEAR)))

The date in inexact, although it's quite likely it was January or February of 1940.

The title is one I have given to the episode purely for identification purposes.

40-01-20 Rush's Good Looks - Anabel Hemstreet

Rush tells his parents and friends on the phone that Anabel Hemstreet says he's not such a bad-looking boy.
If this sounds familar to episode 40-02-20 Rush's Good Looks, that's because it's almost exactly the same, except, this episode came first and there's no talk of deja-vu.

And in the 40-02-20 episode, the Gooks talk hauntingly of this episode with the added twist that in the latter episode, they discuss deja-vu (without actually mentioning the term.)

The similarities between the two episodes are uncanny:
  • In both episodes, Rush chats up his "good looks" to anyone who will listen.
  • In both episodes, it's Anabel Hemstreet who instigates the Rush-is-good-looking talk.
  • In both episodes, the Gooks and the Stembottoms make plans to play "500."
  • In both episodes, Rush is sent to the store to purchase ice cream (which is a rarity, as Fred is usually the one to insist on purchasing the treat - as a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure these are the only three episodes in the existing data where the Gooks purchase the ice cream.)
  • In both episodes, Fred has to pump up tires before the Stembottoms can come over.
We know the date is correct because it is mentioned twice in 40-02-20 Rush's Good Looks that these events had taken place a month ago.

The title is one I have given for identification purposes only (however, if I had the power to change things, I would change the 40-02-20 episode to something like Rush's Good Looks - Deja-vu.)

40-01-08 The Lodge Cannon

Vic plunks down another fifty bucks, this time for a lodge cannon. 
Without the audio, it's impossible to know what use Vic had in mind for this device.

We know this episode occurred and it's date because it's mentioned in episode 40-01-22 R. J. Konk's Improved Portrait.

The title is one I have given to the episode purely for identification purposes.

39-05-10 Sade Visits Bess in Carberry

Sade takes a train trip to Carberry to visit her sister and  family, leaving Vic and Rush to fend for themselves.
We can be sure of this episode because it is stated by Sade in 39-04-26 Sade's New Luggage that she is leaving on a trip to Carberry in less than two weeks.  In episode 39-05-11 The Davis' are Asleep Upstairs, Sade is away.

It is not known when she returned.

The title is one I gave the episode purely for identification purposes.

41-11-xx The Neighborhood War Bond-buying Contest

Rush and his neighborhood pals are in a contest to see who can buy the most war bonds.
We know this took place because it is discussed by Vic (he talks to Vernon Peggles on the telephone) early on in episode 41-11-20 Rush Humiliated on Thanksgiving.

Though Vic and Sade lasted the duration of the hectic pre-war years and certainly spanned the time during the wars in Europe and the Pacific, the show has been noted for it's lack of war talk and for being nearly incommunicado about "patriotic" ventures such as the promotion of buying war bonds; this episode though helps prove otherwise.

[Note that even though war bonds is the subject here, this episode took place prior to 41-11-20 Rush Humiliated on Thanksgiving and certainly before the attack on Pearl Harbor.]

Although we don't know the exact date, it seems likely this episode would have aired in November of 1941.  The title is one I have given the episode, purely for identification purposes only.

39-xx-xx The Illuminated Eyes of R.J. Konk Portrait

Vic purchases a portrait of Sacred Stars of the Milky Way-founder R.J. Konk.  However, this is no ordinary portrait; Konk's eyes light up.
Sade hates the lodge and everything associated with it (and you KNOW it's the truth; so when you boil that down, does she really care for Vic?)   He spends WAY too much money on the lodge and this painting...  Sade probably can't imagine what possible good something like this would have.

If you think deeply about this episode (and ones like this in the 1940's that deal with lodge frivolities) you will see that writer Paul Rhymer treated the lodge-happenings much like a cult.  Vic is so devoted to lodge-founder Konk that he is willing to spend his money on a portrait whose eyes light up!   Look at the picture below (of "the real thing") and you can see that two large light bulbs exist where the eyes would be.  Wouldn't one have to be crazy/DEVOTED to purchase such an item and put on the wall?

Bernardine Flynn and Paul Rhymer
Was Vic stupid?  Not at all - as a matter of fact, easily the brightest person on the show.  Which proves even more what the power a cult or a cult-like figure can have even over the best of us.

This episode is a big part of Vic and Sade lore. It's very sad that we don't have the audio episode to enjoy.  This episode was big even back in the day, as the cast/crew went out and had a faux portrait of Konk made up for Rhymer.

This painting was mentioned in episode 39-09-xx Mr. Gumpox Offers Sade a Stall.

The date is approximate. The title is one I have given the episode purely for identification purposes.

39-08-02 Vic Leaves on Trip to the Midwest

Vic went on a Midwestern trip for Consolidated Kitchenware sometime shortly before episode 39-08-xx Vic's Geographical Trip.  We can assume this was 39-08-02 because we are told in the synopsis for 39-08-01 Vic Needs New Neckties that he's about to go on a trip.

On a side note, we know that Vic got back from his Midwestern trip sometime before 39-08-16, because he was in that episode.

39-05-xx Christmas Card Pressure from Mis' Harris

In the episode 39-06-01 Grandpa Snyder's Christmas Cards, Sade refers to Snyder's cards and compares them to those that Mis' Harris has:
SADE: You've seen them all, Vic.  They're exactly like the ones in Mis' Harris' sample book.
Meaning, that before the Grandpa Snyder episode, there was an episode where the Gooks had to view Mis' Harris' sample book.
This episode certainly took place in 1939 and the chances are good that it took place in May.

The episode title is one I have designated simply for identification.