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42-03-xx Mis' Applerot's Petition


Mis' Appelrot works up a petition to close down the Bright Kentucky Hotel. Reminding the Thimble Club members that the hotel was condemned years ago, she calls the building "ugly" and a "firetrap."

Mis Appelrot then nominates Sade to take the petition around town - only Sade could care less about the project or the hotel.

Meanwhile, the hotel is the residence of many people who interact in the lives of Rush and Vic and neither - especially Rush - want to see the hotel tampered with.
Sade insinuates that the Thimble Club should stay out of social matters and politics and stick to sewing and gossiping.


+ The Thimble Club meeting took place at Mis' Trogle's house.

+ While Mis' Appelrot brought up the petition, Sade stated that Mis' Brighton was also in cahoots. This makes the 3rd or 4th time Sade has stated the two together as being troublemaking partners.

+ Ruthie Stembottom quit the Thimble Club in episode 41-01-24 Mr. Ruebush Has to Wait and until this episode it was not known if she had rejoined. There is evidence in this episode that she did indeed rejoin the club.

+ Sade calls her gavel a "gravel" - this will be a major piece of information in a future episode.

+ This episode contains one of the funniest stories in the whole series. Sade tells the story of Martin Jordle and how his wife (Alvira Eggsock-Jordle) signed a document that eventually got him arrested and sent to prison. (The end of the story is the best part!) {{{HEAR}}}

+ The Bright Kentucky Hotel was condemned in 1922!

+ Dottie Brainfeeble (who will become very instrumental in future episodes) was mentioned again. She must have been pretty good friends with Martin Jordle as she sent him fudge while he was in prison.

+ The petition is one that Rush won't sign (edited): {{{HEAR}}}

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