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43-03-05 Vic Entertains Dottie


Sade has an obligation to the church bazaar and since Dottie Brainfeeble is visiting, needs Vic to stay home and keep her company for nearly 5 hours.
Of course like any sensible man would do, Vic leaves Dottie less than a minute after Sade has walked out the door. There's nobody (aside from Sade and Dottie's feeble-brained husband Chuck) that would want to stay around Dottie more than a minute.


+ Hank Gutstop calls and borrows $2 from Vic. Vic says he keeps a tally of how much Hank owes him - but in at least one previous episode, he had no idea how much Hank owed him.

+ Chuck and Dottie are talking about moving next door to the Gooks, meaning that in a missing episode, we lost someone moving away.

+ Dottie is very affectionate. She kisses Vic and gently crushes his cigars in his coat pocket.

+ Dottie is under the impression that Vic sells lumber.

+ It must have been very impressive and in some ways "sexual" (if I can use that term here) for men during this time period (1932-1944) to wear a clean white shirt everyday. Sade has said her sister Bess mentions it and Dottie mentions it in this episode and it's always mentioned in a sensual kind-of way.

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