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32-07-19 Vic Trapped on the Roof Getting the Newspaper

  • The newsboy has again thrown the morning paper on the roof. Vic borrows Mis' Fisher's ladder. He must read the speech "Rubbish" (Mr. Ruebush) gave to the Home Builders Club last night. Rush is off playing "mailman" with Squirt, so he can't go up on the roof.  Vic calls the office to let Miss Lutz know he'll be delayed ‘til 9:30.
  • Vic goes up on the roof, gets the paper and finds the ladder gone. His feet are burning. Sade figures Rush took the ladder for the "mailman" game.
  • Sade hands Vic up a chair, which draws a crowd of onlookers.  The phone rings. Miss Lutz calls to connect Vic to the boss, and she tells Ruebush Vic's on the roof. Sade finds this comical.  Vic starts yelling at the onlookers (including a Mr. Morris).
  • The phone is handed to Vic. He tells Ruebush he's on the roof. An onlooker yells, "We know you're on the roof!"    Vic: "G'wan, ya half-wit! Soon's I get down from here I'm gonna…"   Sade: "Vic!  Mr. Ruebush thinks you're callin' him a half-wit!"
  • Vic alternates trying to explain the situation to the boss and yelling at the onlookers to go away. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
This episode seems to be turning the strongest tide so far from soap opera to comedy.  By reading the notes, it's hard to imagine this being funny (compared to the outrageous Vic and Sade shows that we know now) but in 1932, these slapstick/confusion-type skits were setting the world on fire (and apparently, Vic's feet as well.)

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