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32-07-20 Vic Gives Rush A Bawling Out

  • Vic's furious.  Rush left him stranded on the roof when he removed  the ladder he was using to fetch the newspaper, and he also put a craw-daddy (crayfish) in Vic's bed.
  • Leaving him on the roof is "distinctly beneath his dignity as Chief Accountant."
  • Rush apologizes about the ladder, but still thinks the craw-daddy was something to laugh about.
  • Vic asks if this is the worst bawling out he's endured, and Rush says no, that had to do with a snowball incident back home. Vic gives him a quarter to say it was the worst to satisfy Sade. They stage a fake whipping and Sade bursts in to stop it. Rush, through sobs, tells Sade he's had the worst bawling out of his life and won't cause anymore trouble.  - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
This episode seems to be a continuation of the previous episode, 32-07-19 Vic Trapped on the Roof Getting the Newspaper.

Vic commenting on the challenge of his dignity makes me think of him with the pistols when he visited the Brainfeebles' home.  Dignity, my eye!

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