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32-07-23 Miss Keno and Kid Gook

  • Rush wants to enter Sade in the Miss Keno beauty pageant.  The pageant was a combined idea of Rush and his new friend, Link Lincoln-Washington.
  • Sade thinks she'll look a silly old woman next to all the pretty young girls.  Vic tells her she'll be as, "Pretty as Vernilla, the colored candidate."
  • They assure her she's prettier than Marcella Noonan, 17, Sidney Call, 17, Sissy Cooper, 18, and Vernilla Lincoln-Washington, 16, sister of Link.
  • Rush thinks Sade is about 20 years old.  Sade tells him she's 33 years old and it would be foolish to enter such a contest. She suggests he ought to back Sidney Call in the pageant.
  • Vic rushes in, furious because Rush has posted his picture all over  town, and it's labeled "Kid Gook, the Wild Tiger of the Ring will box all comers  at the grand opening of the Happy Hour lemonade stand at the corner of Franklin and Virginia Avenues."  
  • Rush tells Vic he's trying to arrange for him to fight Mike Towers, the railroad bully. Vic's relieved Mike didn't accept, but then Mike phones and says he's going to "get" Vic. Rush saw him breaking coal with his bare hands and bragged about Vic's skills.  That changed Mike's mind. Vic groans.  - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
This was probably a very funny episode, it's a shame we can't hear this one.

It's not explained what Keno is.  After much research, I have found that Keno was often a game played between features at the movie theater.  Therefore, we can assume the beauty contest took place at the theater between films.  (That seems like a lot of trouble to go to for kids to arrange...)

Franklin Avenue isn't mentioned in the episodes we have audio for.

According to Barbara Schwarz, this episode ran on a Saturday.

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