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32-07-25 Vic Runs Into Mike Towers

  • Vic isn't eating breakfast, worried he'll run into Mike Towers, and he can't afford to be in a street brawl.  Rush thought he was arranging something wonderful. Mike phones again and threatens Vic.
  • This came about because Vic has bragged to Rush that he defeated Jack Johnson in Mexico City, using his Tornado Twist Uppercut and the Jumping Jab.
  • Rush's beauty contest is still on and Vernilla's dad, Mr. Lincoln-Washington is involved.  He's the Great God Pan of the Royal Dragons of the Moonlit Universe lodge, and he sports a uniform of purple cloth, gold braid and 60 to 70 buttons.  Vernilla's costume will be fashioned from that.
  • Sade's worried about a potential fight and takes Rush aside to explain that Gov's no prize-fighter – he tells such stories to entertain him and instill family pride.  Rush is disillusioned, thinking Vic's a coward.  Sade tells of how Vic beat up a drunk who was bothering her when they were   dating, and Rush understands Vic doesn't fight for the sake of fighting, but will fight when necessary.
  • Vic arrives home with a cut lip, head cut from falling on a curb, and two black eyes. He couldn't reason with Mike. Sade wants to involve the police. Vic says Mike's in the hospital. Rush lets out a wild yell.
  • Rush: "Yowsa!  Hey, Mom, yell!  We got a champ! Yowsa!" Sade laughs in spite of herself.  - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
This episode is a continuation of the previous episode.

Jack Johnson was the focus of one of filmmaker Ken Burns' films: Unforgivable Blackness, which I have seen.  Johnson wasn't an angel but was a victim of racism by the boxing world.  Certainly an interesting study if you ever get a chance to view it; it's occasionally on PBS.

It's fun to see a mention of another lodge on the show that isn't involved with the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way.

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  1. Quite a surprise when we think of the much milder Vic of the rest of the series. Another great episode that would be great to have heard.