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38-xx-xx Sade Thinks Baseball is Just a Game

Sade and Rush witness Vic in the alley arguing with Mr. Drummond.  Without hearing the argument, Rush surmises the argument is about baseball.

Sade doesn't understand why two grown men would put all that energy into arguing about baseball.  They both want to buy gloves so they can play catch - but they both want to pitch.

Rarely does anyone want to play catcher.  In the 1930's, the catcher was usually the worst hitter and the slowest, fattest guy on the team. The catcher's equipment has always been known as the tools of ignorance. Technically, the catcher isn't even in fair territory - he's behind home plate in foul territory.

The pitcher on the other hand, is usually your best or second best athlete on the field.  The pitcher is the one with the ball - he controls everything out there on the field.

We know Vic played baseball on a team in Normal, Illinois.  In this episode, he seems to claim he was at his pitching peak when he played in Dixon. In another episode, he claims to have played in the Yukon (Canada.)

When Vic and Rush say that "baseball is science" - it really is.  There's a whole field of mathematics associated it with it now, called Sabermetrics.  Thanks to the internet, Sabermetrics has taken off and even junior high school kids today know some frighteningly long math formulas that have to do with baseball.

Aside from that, a baseball diamond itself is a mathematical hodge-podge of such precision, you wonder if it wasn't built by Masons.  Perhaps this is why Vic, the lodge member, loves the game so much.

Baseball is science.

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