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39-06-19 Nicer Scott Has a Ten Dollar Bill

RUSH: I don't want Nicer runnin' around loose with a ten dollar bill.  He's liable to do something unwise.

VIC:  Like spending it on himself.

Rush: Yeah.

Rush has informed his parents that Nicer Scott was given a $10 bill by his Uncle Frank this evening - only his parents don't know it.  Nicer is afraid if he reveals this to his parents that they will want to do something crazy with it such as put it in his savings account.  Nicer needs Rush's support during the night, or so says Rush.

There seems to be another story that Rush is not coming right out and saying: Rush is afraid the money will somehow be spent before he can go across the street and keep an eye on him.

This episode, unlike any before it or any after it, puts Rush in a very bad light.  We all can be greedy and selfish but it's not often the bad part of us shines through for everyone to see.  This episode though shows off the worst of Rush.

While reading the script, I fully expected Sade to tell him he could go spend the night at Nicer's house and he wasn't to come home until late the next day.  Then I expected her to say - "and you are not to play with one toy or eat one item of food that is bought with that ten dollar bill."  Seems to me, that would kind of mess with Rush's greedy conscious for a while.

Rush was planning on talking Nicer into buying two high-powered squirt guns from Yamilton's (2 for 75 cents.) Rush had his eyes on one of the two guns.  He also had plans for Nicer to buy a couple of dozen red bananas from The Greek (they are 3 for a dime.)  Rush also mentions a little store on S. Center Street that sells a 4" x 4" x 4" brick of licorice for 35 cents.  He also mentions he might come home with an aviator's helmet, a couple of Third Lieutenant Stanley books, a lucky ring and an automatic pencil.

It was mentioned that Rush needs new clothes, for he is going to go to Carberry to visit his Aunt Bess, Uncle Walter and cousin Euncie.

Rush quotes word-for-word from a Third Lieutenant Stanley novel: Third Lieutenant Stanley on the Campus or The Thrilling Capture of the Bank Robbing Professors at Yale College.

Rush has 31 cents owed to him by his friends.

Sade mentions Bertha Joiner, a lady who read so many dime novels that she went loopy.  Would only wear one shoe.

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