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39-07-17 Rush is Reprimanded for Flipping Streetcars

RUSH: The dummy-smashing phase 
of my career is over.
Vic and Sade discuss a report from Ruthie Stembottom that Rush, Milton Welch, Rooster Davis and Smelly Clark have been seen jumping on fast-moving streetcars at night, without paying (called, "flipping a streetcar.") Sade mentions Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Foss of 18½ West Market Street. Mr. Foss works at the foundry with Fred. The Stembottoms were visiting on the Foss' front porch when Mrs. Foss mentioned to her husband: "There's those boys again."

Sade's very worried about Rush's safety; Vic tries to soft-pedal the danger.   

Once he realizes he was seen hopping street-cars, Rush admits it's been going on for several years. He says it's funny they've been caught because just last night they'd agreed to quit it as it's seen as being childish and because they got so good at doing it that there's no longer any danger or thrill.
Vic: "There's a certain thrill in flippin' street-cars, Sade."
Rush, though, mentions Vic's initials carved on four different streetcars, ending the conversation...

SEE THE SCRIPT (page 1) (page 2)
Streetcar flipping may not register with fans today. Today's world is one of kids that age already having an ATV or a car, computer phones and watches, and instant access to almost anything you can imagine - or don't want to imagine - all supplied by parents who seem to have no idea how to raise a child.


+ Another new [probable] movie star is mentioned - Pauline Parkwood.  She's just another movie star whose first and last initials match.

Dizzy Dean
+ Dizzy Dean was mentioned again.  You might recall that Vic teased Fred Stembottom about his admiration for Dean in an earlier episode.

+ Smelly Clark lives somewhere near where the boys flipped the streetcar.

+ Rush uses the term, ''smash a dummy'' for flipping a streetcar. I couldn't find this term anywhere in relation to streetcars.

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