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42-09-07 Kansas Expulsion Assignment

Vic's been given the opportunity to travel to Emporia, Kansas to expel the Exalted Big Dipper of the Taurus Rampant Chapter (E.W. Smith.)

The problems begin when Sade finds out that Vic must pay for 80% of the travel costs.  Vic is willing to absorb those costs, but is stopped in his tracks when he finds out that Smith is noted in his lodge library as being violent.


+ Alvy Trogle's brother lives in Emporia.

+ Sade once again uses the archaic spondulix, a word used often by Charles Dickens, as she is somehow apt to do.  Not too long after in the script, writer Paul Rhymer has Van Harvey use, discomfiture, a 15th century word meaning embarrassment. Being curious, I looked up the word and it's association with Dickens.  On the first Google page, I found six different Dickens' stories that used the word; I didn't bother going further.

On the other hand, Sade uses the amusing word, squillionaires.

+ The biography of Smith: Before reforming, Sky Brother Smith was associated with the Mankel Brother's Big-top Freak and Novelty Show, where he acted as roustabout and general utility man.  Because of his quick temper - which he has never been able to control - Sky Brother Smith underwent a personal terrible encounter with his employer, the latter spending eight months in the hospital.  After a year's stay at a penal farm in Arkansas, where Sky Brother Smith faced a false mayhem charge, he joined the pugilistic arena, successfully knocking out such well-known figures such as Horrible Howard Higginson, Iron-man Lester Noovel, Stone-head Williams the Eskimo welter-weight, and Fried-egg Chalker, now dead.  Sky Brother Smith's fierce and sudden temper brought him further trouble when he attacked, single-handed, six Detroit truck drivers and managed to injure them all so severely they were...

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